T he News Enterprise is a student reporting initiative of the Emory College Journalism Program. Students in the Program’s investigative reporting course study advanced reporting techniques and receive practical, hands-on training in the practice of in-depth, public-interest journalism.  Under the guidance of faculty, students learn to use documents, databases and interviews to produce thoroughly reported, contextualized stories on significant local, regional and national issues.  The goal is to teach students advanced reporting skills they can use to produce high-quality accountability journalism on subjects such as government, business, education, health and the environment.

When possible, The News Enterprise develops projects in cooperation with outside media outlets.  If appropriate, and at students’ discretion, some stories proceed to publication.  In other cases, students’ reporting may serve as background for stories written and produced by our media partners.

All News Enterprise projects are strictly non-partisan.  We make every effort to ensure that projects meet the highest standards of fairness and accuracy.  To guide its practices, The News Enterprise embraces the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Transparency Policy

As an initiative of the Emory Journalism Program, The News Enterprise operates under the University’s non-profit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We are committed to operating in a fully open and transparent manner.  We do not file an IRS form 990 because we are part of the University.  We will, however, disclose information about our finances.  We will accept grants from private foundations and individuals.  Funders will have no role in our editorial decisions.  We will not accept contributions from government entities, political organizations, corporations, advocacy groups or labor unions.  In limited circumstances, we may accept in-kind corporate contributions of data or equipment to support our work.  We will disclose all contributions from outside of the University of more than $5,000 on our website.

In 2012, The News Enterprise received a Media Grant from the Gannett Foundation.  This money has helped pay for court documents, Open Records requests, database access and other primary source material that is vital to our work.  We are grateful to Gannett for its support.

News Enterprise Personnel

David Armstrong, Senior Lecturer/Journalist in Residence, Journalism Program, Emory University

Student Reporters:
Spring 2012: Jonathan Demar, Jordan Friedman, Aaron Gregg, David Michaels.

Fall 2012: Nick Bradley, Chelsea Cariker, Linda Chen, Kirsten Haglund, Stephanie Minor, Malaika Nicholas, Liz Speyer, James Sunshine

Spring 2013: Nick Bradley, Chelsea Cariker,  Kirsten Haglund, Malaika Nicholas, James Sunshine

Fall 2013: Kristen Ellingboe, David Shortell, Alexis Suh, Daniela Viteri, Vincent Xu

Spring 2014: Kristen Ellingboe, David Shortell, Alexis Suh, Daniela Viteri

Web Guru:
Timothy Harfield

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